redheadweirdo asked: omfg if your tag is spammed it's probably me bc i tag my gifs that way and i didn't know that's your url omg sorry

omg tumblr didn’t tell me i had a message siGH but it’s fine i don’t even track my tag on here don’t worry!! xx

it’s ytgifs first tumblr birthday today! i didn’t even realise until i got the email oops but i swear i’ll try and make more gifs, i’ve kind of abandoned this tumblr but oH WELL i’ll try and gif asap

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Dan looks back on his lifetime of mistakes to help answer your questions! In the Internet Support Group.

hey guys! as is our tradition if you help me by reblogging this video i will check out a bunch of your blogs and follow you to say thank you :D

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QME: I’ll Never Hash Your Tag! [x]

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Foursome Twister [x]

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Foursome Twister [x]

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PJ and Chris wallpaper (1440x900). Download here [x]

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AmazingDan 2 [x]

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Here are some Christmas icons! Like/reblog if you use. :)


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